About Mud & Moss

Welcome! Mud & Moss Early Education is a resource for parents and educators to find inspiration for open-ended activities for children. You’ll find nature-based explorations, art and other ideas for creative expression, messy play, cooking/baking, and more to come.   I’m Meighan, and I am so happy you’re here to check out Mud & Moss. I... Continue Reading →

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Our (Flexible) Homeschool Routine

While I spent years in an early childhood classroom, we are brand new to homeschooling. This is both exhilarating and a bit terrifying. My background has been working in the Reggio way, and that still strongly influences my educational philosophy. Einstein’s famous quote “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't... Continue Reading →

Grateful in 2020

2020 is a year none of us will forget. I have thought about what the kids will remember about it all. Will they remember wearing their masks everywhere outside the house? Will they remember how much time we spent at home? Will they remember all the times I had to answer them that no, we... Continue Reading →

Educational Philosophy

As I start this journey of hybrid/homeschooling and also launch Mud & Moss, I have spent time reflecting on what it is that I believe regarding early education. These ideas have been shaped by my years in the classroom as well as through parenting, and I imagine they will continue to evolve as I learn... Continue Reading →

In our Backyard

Some of the most amazing things happen right in our backyard. There are days that we venture out farther, like for a hike at the nearby state park or to the zoo, but most of the time we just head outside. We live in the suburbs and don’t have a large yard, and nor is... Continue Reading →

Hello Again Nature

I don’t consider myself to be an outdoorsy person. I grew up playing outside, and since it was the 80’s, I got to roam. My brothers and I had a spot just past the tree line called “The Big Rock” which had, you guessed it, a really big rock where we would play for hours.... Continue Reading →

Mud Kitchen

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Ok, ok, mostly love. But on occasion, rather than feeling inspired, I am left feeling overwhelmed. This was the case when I would look at mud kitchens. I am trying to remember where I first came across the idea, but I was immediately smitten. I started a board... Continue Reading →

Loose Parts

I am not a saver. I mean, I love to get rid of things because clutter stresses me out. I am telling you this so that you’ll understand that loose parts play is not something that has come naturally for me, and dare I say something I have resisted a bit. And while I consider... Continue Reading →

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